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Reviewiz helps retail websites and online marketplaces deliver an enhanced data-driven shopping experience. It automatically extracts critical information from large numbers of freeform user reviews in seconds, giving shoppers the ability to make better informed selections.

Comparison Analysis

Comparison analysis allows a business to compare and contrast its products and/or services with its competitors’. By identifying similarities and differences or strengths and weaknesses, a business can make better-informed decisions.

Quality and Warranty

Complex supply chains, just-in-time manufacturing, remote factories, off-shore suppliers, and the ever-present pressure to contain costs … all these factors place a greater burden on manufacturers to identify an emerging warranty or quality issue as soon as possible. PolyVista can help.

Customer Experience

Discover actionable insights in data to enhance customer experience (CX), create value for customers, improve your products and services, and gain a long-lasting competitive advantage over your competitors with PolyVista's best-in-class CX analytics solution.

Consumer Safety

Consumer safety is a key priority for a business and requires it to protect consumers against product failures and hazards. With an automated consumer safety alerting solution, a business can proactively identify product failures and hazards and respond accordingly.

Compliance & Surveillance

Achieving compliance is the central goal of the FERC’s enforcement efforts. PolyVista helps businesses by providing compliance and surveillance solutions to detect potential market manipulation, anticompetitive behavior, improper conduct, anomalous activity, and more.

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