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Consumer Safety

PolyVista has created a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution that allows businesses to monitor, analyze, and identify trends in product issues, such as safety, defects, hazards, etc., as required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

CPSC rules require that the agency be notified about possible product defects that may constitute a product hazard. With the increasing number of fines, the agency is making it clear that CPSC reporting compliance needs to be taken every bit as seriously as other regulatory obligations.

In 2015, CPSC Chairman Kaye promised to make penalties amount to more than the cost of doing business, and he appears determined to follow through on that pledge.

During his keynote address on March 2, 2016, Chairman Kaye announced that he would like to see "double digit" civil penalties (i.e., $10+ million). Chairman Kaye explained that he believes higher penalties are what Congress wanted to see when it enacted the 2008 CPSIA, which raised the penalty cap from $1.825 million to $15 million.

On March 25, 2016, CPSC fined Gree $15.45 million for failure to report defective humidifiers.

Consumer safety failures and hazards plague businesses and result in costly, time-consuming product recalls, damaged brand reputation, and lost revenues. As such, a consumer safety strategy is critical for businesses and can help them protect their customers against dangerous products.

How a business approaches consumer safety will likely dictate its short- and long-term success. A business that ignores consumer safety concerns, product failures, and hazards could harm its company, its employees, and of course, its customers. But with PolyVista’s state-of-the-art automated consumer safety alerting solution, a business can take a proactive approach to product quality and safety management and can eliminate such issues altogether.

Today, PolyVista Alerts+ helps businesses of all sizes safeguard consumers against potentially hazardous products, protect the reputation of their brands, and satisfy corporate and/or government regulations and policies. It serves as an automated product quality and safety alerting solution and can make it simple for managers to streamline the process of identifying and addressing product defects.

PolyVista Alerts+ empowers business managers to utilize the product quality and safety information at their disposal to protect customers against harmful products. It features an easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to establish custom alerts based on keywords and phrases and to guarantee all safety issues in consumer complaints, product and warranty returns, or other critical analyses of products are caught, reported, and escalated properly. In addition, PolyVista Alerts+ generates detailed audit trails for each alert or product, guaranteeing you are protected in the event of an audit.

The key benefits of PolyVista Alerts+ include:

  1. Managers’ ability to track product returns and use this information to improve their everyday product quality and safety management protocols.
  2. Advanced detection of product quality, reliability, and hazard concerns, leading to safe, top-notch products and fewer product defects and recalls.
  3. The ability to identify potential CPSC compliance issues and resolve them immediately, eliminating the chance of expensive fines and violations resulting from non-compliance.
  4. Enhanced product quality and safety management reporting, ensuring your business can understand its strengths and weaknesses relative to product failures and hazards.
  5. Improved corporate governance and responsibility that empower a company to produce better products and consistently meet consumers' expectations.
  6. Faster, more effective product recalls thanks to product quality and safety information that enables managers to understand the root cause of a product defect and eliminate the underlying issue without delay.
  7. Removal of the dangers associated with human error during product quality and safety management processes.
  8. Reduced or eliminated costs and brand reputation damage associated with failures to report product quality and safety issues.
  9. Custom alerts based on keywords and phrases, empowering managers to address product quality and safety issues faster than ever before.
  10. Automatic alerts that can be retrieved via email, making it simple for managers to stay up to date about product failures and hazards.
  11. Escalation requirements that can be automatically triggered based on alerts, ensuring managers can establish product quality and safety priorities with ease.
  12. In-depth reports that are easy to share and tailored to your business's needs, which enable managers to make product quality and safety management a company-wide initiative.

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